Our American Journey - Episode 1: The Start

Resurrecting 100 year old American brand fueled an insatiable interest in history and started a life altering journey. This adventure is a timeless, ageless appeal for freedom... connecting with people, places, and experiences.

A dive into the world of motorcycles  with buying a 69 year old panhead started one hell of a sequence of experiences. This adventure is a timeless, ageless appeal for freedom... connecting with people, places, and experiences.

The history of Harley-Davidson and my 69 year old panhead is where a love with H-D began. the world of these machines, the people, the places...

"Explore, dive-in, get exposed, be vulnerable… curiosity.” "A connection with Harley-Davidson was born."

Fueled by: Harley-Davidson
Director / DOP: @IanBeaudoux

Jesse Meyers2 Comments