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At the turn of the 20th century, Americans streamed Westward. When looking to this frontier, a few particularly rugged souls set upon the expansive wilderness to the Northwest. One was the founder of the original Black Bear Brand, George G. Black, and found success by providing this market with purpose-built clothing that was crafted to endure.

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Seattle Times Article, September 25, 1927

"Beginning at First and Jackson Street in a small room, with five sewing machines, a salesman, five machine operators and [the founder George G. Black] managing the establishment, the Black Bear Manufacturing Company was launched upon an uncertain sea of the commercial world, making blue denim overalls. At that time, the infant company managed to turn out 125 dozen overalls a month and the fight was on."

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Black Bear Brand looks back at a hundred-year history of providing product with purpose to craft clothing and accessories with style that transcends genre or niche. One bull-headed man with a passion for reinvention saw a soot-black diamond that needed to shine again. At the helm of Black Bear Brand Josh Sirlin and team is reviving a history, restoring a lost legacy, and honoring frontier roots to create products that are ruggedly refined.

A celebration of our history and love for Americana.

Black Bear Brand crafts timeless pieces, designs, and collections that breathe with the essence of the old ways while living undeniably in the moment. Black Bear Brand tows the line of history by providing timeless classics that remain true to the quality, grit and rawness of the original. An antidote to the culture of the disposable.