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Union of Craft - Creative Expression and Design

Union Of Craft - Creative Expression & Design
Black Bear Brand 
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Robbie Popil - goldsmith/custom jewelry maker
Photos - Rob Gallaher

Robert is a master goldsmith and an owner of The Bench, a growing chain of jewellery workshops with locations in British Columbia. After over a decade of honing his skills and becoming an expert of his craft, Robert launched The Bench in 2013 and has ambitious plans to bring the art of goldsmithing to cities across Canada.

Union of Craft - An Iceland Adventure

An Iceland Adventure 

Explorers - Makers
Carey Quinton Haider (Black Bear Brand beanie) photographed by Melissa Laree Cunningham
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Union of Craft - Tilley Surfboards x Black Bear Brand

Collaborate… the story begins.
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Tilley Surfboards x Black Bear Brand