Celebrating a piece of our WWII history… the Bomber Squadron patch art.

Join us at FUEL Cafe in Milwaukee on Memorial Day afternoon… from 1-6 for the unveiling of the 4 WWII Bomber Squadron “patch art” hand painted helmets that will be auctioned for Semper Fi Fund.  The man behind the ART; Craig Kalbas will be presenting these killer works of art.  Thank you Craig... you are beyond amazing.

  •     check out the helmets!
  •     shoot the shit with the artist!
  •     enter the WWII Bomber ART t raffle / give-away 
  •     cheers a beer in memory to those who fought and died for us to do what we do!

The hand painted helmet auction begins… go to for details: https://blackbearunion.com/blog 

the unveiling of the hand painted helmets!
Josh SirlinComment