Making a Boot that Lasts a Lifetime

High quality - USA - Rugged...

the Black Bear Brand x Wesco x Horween Leather Co. collaboration collection

photo: Tim O'Keefe

photo: Tim O'Keefe

Black Bear Brand and Wesco form a perfect pair. This collaboration celebrates an enduring legacy. Wesco has been producing high-quality, hand-crafted leather boots for 100 years. Their facility is a testament to the company’s original methods. These boots are a tough, yet refined product of a man’s labor. The quality of product is unsurpassed. A hard-working spirit is alive here. The love of manufacturing has endured the test of time, and the craft of making has proven its resilience.

Black Bear Brand is a revival of tough and traditional craftsmanship. We’ve pursued this engagement with Wesco because the men and women who work there personify excellence.
    • Horween USA Leather
    • All of these are Made 100% in the USA
    • HAND MADE to order, not mass produced
    • 100 years of experience into these boots
    • ALL High Quality materials; Full leather, no cloth, no cork, no fake stitching, every method of our crafting serves a purpose
    • No shortcuts taken in the manufacturing process, every skive, every stitch, every nail is done with passion and pride
    • Can have new soles put on them, or be completely be rebuilt depending on how worn they are
    • They get better looking with every wear

photos: Chad Lyons / Tim O'Keefe / Bradley Wentzel... (thank you so much for your contribution in what we're creating)

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