Black Bear Brand watch-cap tag design.

It started while standing outside the Harley-Davidson museum…

Harley-Davidson Museum

While standing outside the Harley-Davidson museum a guy walked up; said hi and asked about my boots… “what kind of boots are those”? - Craig

I proudly stated we make them and dove into the story of Black Bear Band designing these boot with Wesco and Horween leather.  (The day earlier Chad Lyons emailed me a picture of that exact moment).

I responded to the email and we started chatting; it turns out Craig is a very talented calligrapher, illustrator, and sign painter… and works at the H-D museum.  We got on and had a lot of similar interests… 

A month after we met I was exploring what to do for our watch-cap tag and thought of Craig.  Soon to following we had our tag!

The TAG design: "It is honor to have the opportunity to work with Black Bear Brand as they forge new relationships between quality and excellence. There are still American manufactures that have a solid past and continue taking pride in the quality products they make. The integrity of Dehen's wool knitting techniques are built on nearly 100 years of experience. The tag on the Wool Knit Watch Cap, made exclusively for Black Bear Brand, was designed by hand and was drawn by hand using pencil and paper. The "by hand" element of the tag was important to Josh, as he is one who values the personal connection to what he and Black Bear support. This value is seen in all the products they offer. Working with Josh on this project is rewarding, encouraging, and elevating. I like all three colors, but I have always favored black...for everything. The olive drab is pretty cool too."  - Craig Kalbas

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