"Our American Journey" - the connections, stories, and so much more.

Resurrecting Black Bear Brand has fueled my interest in history and started a life altering journey. This adventure is a timeless, ageless appeal for freedom... connecting with people, places, and experiences.    

The history of Harley-Davidson and my 69 year old panhead is where my love with H-D began. The dive into the world of these machines, the people, the places... has set me on a journey. Here's a taste of the story that's coming soon.
The start
- Explore, dive-in, get exposed, be vulnerable… curiosity. 
- A connection with Harley-Davidson was born.

A Building Connection
- Participate; really dive-in, learn, get out there… don’t pause! 
- Passion is an insatiable thing; it connects people; its infectious. 

- Exposed, vulnerable, learning, scars, growth… connections.
- Life altering experiences start happening at an amazing pace… at every turn its clearer that this is just the beginning.

Story coming soon.

Josh SirlinComment