Makers and their stories.

Each story is a start of a relationship with a person, a craft, a new rabbit hole that opens up to limitless possibilities.  

Ryan Arnold; a killer painter and so much more…
    an engine builder
    a machinist
    a fabricator
    a watch technician/maker
    an inventor…

Black Bear Brand is about having a relationship with life, having a relationship with what you do… and participating in life.  The part of our stories I love is the ability to participate and be more than a spectator.
    its the places you go.
    its the things you see.
    its the people you meet.
    its a journey.
    its an adventure.
    its the timeless, ageless appeal of freedom.

What's now in play with Ryan is beyond what I imagined when we started talking.  More coming soon.

Josh SirlinComment