An American classic… story.

A Harley Davidson motorcycle is much more than a machine…
    its the places you go.
    its the things you see.
    its the people you meet.
    its a journey.
    its an adventure.
    its the timeless, ageless appeal of freedom.

While searching the internet for an original 1948 Panhead tank emblem… I stumbled upon a craigslist advertisement for general Panhead and Knucklehead parts and shot off an email with a few questions.  I received a quick response, followed by a few phone calls and here we go…

Now my interest had a lot more to it.  
I want to learn more about Jeff, his story, his life long devotion to Harley Davidson motorcycles, the amazing history of all the Harley Davidson bikes and parts he has and works with every day… and the idea of a Knucklehead build I want to do. 

I’m proud to introduce a new friend and motorcycle mentor… Jeff Coffman!

So much more to come… this is just the beginning.
Next; cinematographer Ian Beaudux brings the story to life.

Photos by: Chad Lyons

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