The Perfect Stitch

Defining The "Black Bear Stitch"

As we explored what we needed in our knit collection we started on the search for the right people to work with.  
In Centralia WA, a small town about an hour south of Seattle, there’s a knitting mill that’s been producing knitwear, jackets, and textiles since 1939.  This mill is nearly unchanged and still producing high quality, hand crafted knitwear the same way today.  This is where our journey with Centralia Knitting Mills begins.

Starting with specific design goals we became very involved in entire process as the design needs intertwines with the manufacturing process.

Being engaged in the process and keeping the close connection of the purpose and design with the manufacturing process is essential.

A new stitch was born through this process, everything evolved as we worked together to meet each detail.  This new stitch has been proudly named the “Black Bear Stitch” by Centralia Knitting Mills.  

This process has started off something special.  Our stitch is evolving...

Josh SirlinComment