Union Of Makers - Nathan Wessel (Wessel Built) and Aaron (WHEELZ) Fotheringham

Union Of Makers
Nathan Wessel (Wessel Built) with Wheelz
Build - Weld - Ride
A story of no limitations and monster inspiration.  Woodward Pennsylvania

"One morning Wheelz and I were talking about a stunt that he wanted to do at WOODWARD that's beyond the general grinding coping at the top of the ramps like skateboarders or bike riders do.  Aaron has been grinding many different things on his chair but wanted to take it to the next level and by making/fixing a part of his chair underneath his feet it would be possible with out getting hung up on anything.” - Nathan Wessel

AG Progress Fair in State College with Max Williams and Marc Lopez from Miller Electric. 

"Marc and Max have been my Miller reps for a few years and have helped me through some of my biggest jobs. Miller is the only machine I will spend money on... it is all I own; their customer service is top notch. Marc and Max said they were coming to town for AG Progress days. (a local farming and agriculture show) but never thought we'd be sitting in their both welding Aaron (WHEELZ) wheel chair.   It was super random that Wheelz was in town at the same time as the Miller guys; there's no better place to make a fix like this... with all the newest best welding machines surrounding us.  Thanks again Max and Marc for letting us crash the party and take over the demo machines." - Nathan Wessel

Aaron (Wheelz) Fotheringham is getting his AC Tig on after we fixed Aaron's chair they let us play on all kinds of metal.

WOODWARD (Mini mega ramp where Wheelz made history grinding the first hand rail on the biggest gap)

“At the top of the rollin giving inspiration to Wheelz before he drops in to hit the mini mega rail"… Aaron “Wheelz” Fotheringham and Brandon Scchmidt (Nitro Circus athletes) - Nathan Wessel

Wheelz shredding the snake run with Max, and Damien Williams (RLD BMX riders) WOODWARD

"Wheelz trying to talk himself out of dropping in, while sitting in the calm before the storm... then he tells himself SEND IT" - Nathan Wessel

"This guy right here has inspired millions of people; I am one of those people and so fortunate to call Aaron a true friend... love you buddy!" - Nathan Wessel

"While sitting on top of that rollin with Wheelz and talking about the grind he was dropping in to do; he said he’s the most terrified he has ever been... then right before he dropped "we are getting tattoos if I pull this off."  I had a surprise for Aaron 2 days later; Cody Hennings flew from Texas and Aaron was getting his first tattoo… and a tattoo that Aaron and I will have a connection to for the rest of our lives; a reflection of how badass the last two weeks of our lives have been." - Nathan Wessel

Cody Hennings and Wheelz