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Skin Deep with Black Bear Brand - Part One

Justin Ormiston of Electric Uprising - Union Of Makers

To me tattooing marks a never ending cycle of vulnerability and progression. The permanence alone is enough to break me, let alone the act of permanently marking another individual. It's a fine balance between creating what I feel I do well and challenging myself to chase my creative dreams. All the while, desperately wanting to ensure that the final product leaves my client with a big smile on their face. The people that I get to work with are what truly make my career so special. The stories, jokes and friendships, the struggles, lessons and break throughs. Tattooing is definitely a very intimate team sport that has made me a more complete person. Few things in my lifetime have humbled me the way that tattooing does. To me the art of tattoo parallels my perception of existence. If we are fortunate, we have this moment, we do our very best, we live with it forever more. I can look back and remember, I can look forward and dream of creations to come, I cherish every second.

Photography Chris Rollett - Union Of Makers