Introducing Black Bear Brand

May 7, 2015

Black Manufacturing, LLC launches its revival of Seattle’s Black Bear Brand. 

Newly formed Black Manufacturing, LLC, will be breathing new life into the iconic Seattle-area Black Bear Brand. Drawing our inspiration from the union-made culture and aesthetic of the original goods, the revived Black Bear Brand will be highlighted by our collaborations with like-minded companies, individuals and other heritage American brands. 

We carry on the history of Black Bear Brand by providing reinterpretations of classic work wear that remain true to the quality, grit and rawness that made the original brand a staple of the Pacific Northwest for over 100 years. Our story is part of the larger American story—the story of continuous reinvention and innovation, of the freedom to chart your own path and the possibilities that exist where the fiercely independent can participate as a union. 

We are committed to preserving the brand’s rich history, keeping the products simple, and keeping the story alive. 

Please contact Josh Sirlin for any inquiries on the brand and what’s to come. - 206.883.7988 

Please check out the 1st look-book!

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