The Greenwich Vintage Co. Custom Cobbled Red Wing Boots. Greenwich Vintage with Black Bear Brand

Greenwich Vintage and Black Bear Brand take pride in the fact that the ‘Triple Black’ moc-toe boots are made and cobbled in the USA. Quantities are extremely limited.

Greenwich Vintage and Black Bear Brand have partnered for the first time to release the ‘Triple Black’ moc-toe boots.  The ‘Triple Black’ boots began as brand new oro-colorway Red Wing #875s. From within Greenwich Vintage’s workshop, Master Cobbler Tamas ‘Zen’ Pomazi has transformed them by hand-dying the base boots black, to create an over-dyed patina, as well as by adding black six iron midsoles using Greenwich Vintage’s in-house Landis K curve stitcher. In addition, the ‘Triple Black’ boots have been outfitted with brand new black chrome eyelets, which have been hammered in by-hand. Finally, Greenwich Vintage has added its signature black Bricklayer out-soles.

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