Union of Makers - Black Bear Brand x Greenwich Vintage Co.

The Making of the Black Bear Brand x Greenwich Vintage Co. Collaboration Boots

Union Of Makers - What was once a brand new Oro colorway Red Wing #875 boot has now been transformed by Greenwich Vintage’s Master Cobbler, Tamas “Zen” Pomazi. "We dyed the boots black by hand, to have an overdyed patina and we re-midsoled and corked the inside with a black 6 iron midsole sewn on a landis k curve stitcher.  These one-of-kind moc-toe boots have been outfitted with brand new black chrome eyelets hand hammered in shop. Last but not least we made our own Black Bricklayer wedge out soles.” - Zen

The delivery date is set for November 20th at www.blackbearunion.com