Union of Makers - Justin Ormiston

the hunt…

British Columbia, Canada
Union of Makers - Justin Ormiston

"After three days in the field following fresh tracks, finding warm beds and hearing the sound of hooves moving through the soil, along bounces the biggest four point buck I've ever seen. Locked and loaded I waited patiently for a clean shot; sure enough the buck stopped just before entering the dense forest. One long exhale I squeezed a standing shot from about 140 yards out. The click of my 7mm mag firing pin was all I heard... no bang."

"The round misfired due to a faulty primer. I quickly cycled another round into the chamber, ready to pull, but there was no deer left to shoot."

"I never did find that four point again, but the three days of grizzly bear prints, coyotes howling, cold nights and warm scotch, it's the journey that counts."