Leathertogs Horsehide Jacket

Leathertogs Horsehide Jacket


Leathertogs was a pioneer brand of the pre-WAR era, and made coats for Harley-Davidson dealers in the 1910s and '20s.  All Leathertogs jackets were made of highest quality tanned horsehide.  Lethertogs is among the best pre-war jackets.    LEATHERTOGS... leads again.

  • Horween Horsehide - produced in Chicago Ill.

  • Black/Brown Tanned Horween Horsehide.

  • Constructed in the USA

  • Union Of Makers Brass Snaps.

  • Gorgeously constructed shirt silhouette in a straight fit.

  • Each jackets comes in a satin lined limited edition wood box.

Special pieces that last a life time.

Japanese Version: 日本語

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