Horween Rough-Out ORION Chore/Jacket

Horween Rough-Out ORION Chore/Jacket


(RELEASE DATE December 3rd at 6am PST… Available Worldwide - NO RESTRICTIONS)

No Sacrifices went into the design and development of this special chore jacket; the pattern and matieral is a collision of ruggedness and fucking beauty.

  • Rough~Out with Finished Side in (so we don’t have to line it!)

  • Tanned by Horween Tannery.

  • The Raw Rough~Out Finish Celebrates the Natural Inconsistencies of the Leather Making Each Piece One-Of-A-Kind! Unlined with the Smooth Finished Leather Side~In.

  • Custom Black Bear Brand YKK buttons.

  • Designed and Hand Made in Seattle, Wash.

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