Heirloom ~ Organic Indigo Bandana collaboration

Heirloom ~ Organic Indigo Bandana collaboration


(This special piece sold out in 1 week… we’re heading back to Japan 10/17 and will return with more! Next RELEASE November 5th)

Celebrating the Bandana from the American Frontier by Colliding it with the Rich Heritage of Japanese Indigo.

No Sacrifices went into the process and development of this bandana; the framing of organic indigo, the processing of the organic Indigo, the 15 time the fabric was dipped to achieve the deep indigo color, and the hand designed graphic; this very special bandana is a collision of an ultimate craftsmanship, utility and fucking beauty.

Collaboration with Kai and Shinnosuke.

  • Produced from A to Z by One Craftsman in Oita, Japan.

  • Organic Indigo farm using traditional techniques passed down for generations. The natural plant dye holds widely-acknowledged antibacterial and dirt-repelling qualities. Organic indigo also ages with character rather than fading out. Artwork thoughtfully designed in collaboration with a Japanese friend of the Black Bear Brand to celebrate the bond between the two countries.

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